Before You Buy: What Are Herbal Supplements?

Before You Buy: What Are Herbal Supplements?
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What Are Herbal Supplements and Their Benefits?

Many health-conscious people look for natural alternatives, such as herbal supplements, to improve their wellbeing. However, before you start buying new products, make sure you know what’s in them, how they are made, and where they come from.

So, what are herbal supplements and their benefits? Here’s a closer look.

Herbal supplements come from plants and their oils, roots, seeds, berries, or flowers. For centuries, they have been believed to have healing properties. Today, herbal supplements can be consumed as liquid extracts, teas, tablets and capsules, oils, and ointments.

Can Mushrooms be Herbal Supplements?

Mushrooms have been used for their healing properties for centuries in Asian cultures. In today’s modern world, mushrooms are being used beyond delectable cooking ingredients. They are commonly found in dietary supplements providing important nutrients such as fiber, protein, and vitamin D. While mushrooms are fungi, not plants, many categorize them as herbal supplements.

Answering Mushroom Herbal Supplement Questions

A reputable mushroom supplement brand, like Mushroom Wisdom, will share these critical details.

How can I tell what’s in the supplement?

The supplement label should display the ingredients. Look for fruiting body, as this allows for 100% of the mushroom to be used. Essential nutrients found in the mushroom fruiting body include several antioxidants and ergothioneine. If a mushroom supplement uses mycelium, you won’t fully know what ingredients are used to create it.

How can I know how the supplement is made?

If no information is present on the product label, check the brand’s website for more details. Mushroom Wisdom share’s our concentrated hot water extract with whole fruiting body process.

How can I find out where the mushroom comes from?

Transparency is vital when it comes to herbal supplements. Mushroom Wisdom carefully sources our mushrooms from the best locations around the globe. For example, our chaga mushrooms are gathered only from Siberian Birch trees.

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