4 Reasons + Why our Products are Good for You

Patented Processes

Mushroom Wisdom has registered patents for their technologically-advanced constituent extraction processes for mushroom supplements that concentrate specific constituents. While many supplement companies simply grind mushrooms into powder, or employ a simple extraction process, our patented approach is entirely different, and backed by decades of scientific research.

Research-Based Mushroom Supplements

Mushroom Wisdom has achieved acclaim as the global leader in the research, development, and production of mushroom-based supplements. We have developed a line of mushroom supplements sourced from 11 different mushrooms and offer three proprietary mushroom extracts.

Patents and Intellectual Properties

Mushroom Wisdom hold several patents protecting their specialized intellectual property. Have you heard of any other mushroom supplement company with patented processes?

What Is Special About Our Lion’s Mane Product?

Lion’s mane mushrooms have been used as a remedy in folk medicine for centuries.* At Mushroom Wisdom our LION’S MANE AMYLOBAN® is produced with a patented extraction process that concentrates specific compounds.

30 Years of Research and Development

Imagine a mushroom company with patents! At Mushroom Wisdom, our scientific research and development in the U.S. and Japan spans three decades. We have taken all the steps to produce a superior product.

We have engaged in 144+ mushroom research papers published so far as of 2022.

For example, a beneficial ingredient of Lion’s Mane is “Hericenone.” Please check Wikipedia of Lion’s Mane or Google it. You will see this ingredient there. We were involved in this study and research. Now, we are the only one who can extract and label this specific ingredient. Other supplement companies only use powder or extract of Lion’s Mane that is not clear if it really contains “Hericenone.”

You can also find a name of Dr. Hirokazu Kawagishi who found “Hericenone”, in Wikipedia. We have been working with him for years. He is the pioneer and a world leader of Lion’s Mane study. He came and joined our seminar. When it comes Lion’s Mane supplement, he only takes our “Lion’s Mane Amyloban” which labels “Hericenon.” This says it all.

The ingredients in our products have been studied by scientists and researchers around the world, including our own team of respected scientists, which includes Dr. Hirokazu Kawagishi, Dr. Kazutoyo Inanaga and Dr. Kouichiro Mori on Lion’s Mane. Dr. Sensuke Sato, Dr. Harry Preuss, Dr. Gabriela Balogh and Dr. Cun Zhuang on Maitake.

We have been working with other scientists

  • Georgetown University
  • New York Medical College
  • Indiana University School of Medicine
  • Tufts University
  • Shizuoka University (Japan)
  • KURUME University of Medicine (Japan)
  • Chiba University Center for Forensic Mental Health (Japan)
  • Osaka Prefecture University (Japan)
  • Obihiro University of Agriculture & Veterinary Medicine (Japan)
  • Azabu University (Japan)
  • Saga University (Japan)
  • Showa University (Japan)
  • China Pharmaceutical University (China)
  • National Research Council of Argentina (Argentina)
  • Chikusuikai Institute for Neuroinformation and Hospital (Fukuoka, Japan)
  • Kudan Clinic (Tokyo, Japan)
  • Chen Clinic (Japan)
  • Loma Linda Clinic (Japan)
  • Takanawa Medical Clinic (Japan)

Extract meaningful ingredients of research papers

“Hericenone”, “Amyloban”, “Maitake D Fraction”, “Maitake SX Fraction”. Please google these beneficial ingredients. You will be amazed. They are the exact beneficial ingredients in research papers. We extract and label them while others CANNOT. We extract the specific extract OUT OF regular extract which are in research papers. Our extract is not a mere extract.

When choosing a mushroom-based supplement, you want to know the details of what you are putting in your body. It may surprise you to discover that the amount of various ingredients in some supplements are unknown, or not listed. At Mushroom Wisdom, our patented extraction processes are the result of decades of scientific research and based on extensive scientific evidence. Wouldn’t you rather know what you are putting in your body, and the quantity of the ingredients your supplements contain?

A Scientific Approach to Mushroom Supplements

At Mushroom Wisdom, our line of products is based on research performed over three decades to identify the health benefits of various types of mushrooms. *

Mushroom Wisdom has focused on researching its products with notable scientists, developing new products, and scientists have authored many published scientific papers. Here is just one example of their work: Hericenones(Lion’s Mane): A group of active compounds isolated from the fruiting body [Kawagishi, H. et al, Tetrahedron Lett. 32, p4561- 4564, 1991 and Phymchemistry, 32(I), p175-178, 1993]

Functional Mushrooms

The Difference Between a Fruiting Body vs. Myceliated Grain Products

Choosing a Supplement

Do You Know What You Are Taking?

As an example of how to choose a supplement, if you are seeking the benefits of green tea, which is better for you, root green tea or green tea? You deserve to know the answer if you are taking a supplement. At Mushroom Wisdom, transparency is part of what we do.

No trick by mycelium. We use Fruiting body

At Mushroom Wisdom, we base our processes on extensive research into the fruiting body. Is the benefit you want supported by a mycelium study or a fruiting body study? Does the supplement manufacturer make the difference clear to you, as a consumer? Our products are based on scientific research and produced with a unique patented process.

Are Your Mushroom Supplements Starch-Based?

Myceliated grain products contain a lot of starch, such as rice of oat. You can discover just how much with a “Starch Detective Kit,” – you may be surprised to discover you are consuming more starch than you knew.

How Starch Can be Hidden in a Supplement

It’s All in a Name.

Starch can be called by another name, “polysaccharide.” Are you taking Beta Glucan, or more starch? You deserve to know what your mushroom supplements contain. At Mushroom Wisdom, we make sure you know.

How Much Beta Glucan is in Your Supplement?

You need to know how much Beta Glucan is in a myceliated grain product. Is it possible to separate grain and mycelium from myceliated grain? If you ask your supplier, you may not get an answer. These products are always powdered, rather than being an extract, as they can’t be separated.

Fruit body "EXTRACT". Not mere mushroom powder

The FDA restricts supplement manufacturers from selling mycelium grown in acceptable media for food use to be listed as containing mushrooms. To get around this restriction, many supplement producers simply mix ground mushroom into a myceliated grain products. How much benefit is actually found in these products? You deserve to know.

How much Mycelium is in Your Supplement?

It is advised that you look for scientific research about the supplements you take. The potency of adding ground mushrooms to a starch-based supplement is likely much lower than you know.

A Research Based Approach to Mushrooms and Health

Mushroom Wisdom

Since 1991, we have focused our research on the “fruiting body” of mushrooms, and have developed a specialized, patented extraction process.

How Marketing Could Fool You

What to Watch For

When a supplement company produces marketing material for their products, they could mention the health benefits of mushrooms such as Reishi, Chaga, and Lion’s Mane. These marketing materials may avoid informing a consumer about the actual quantity of the mushrooms in the product by promoting the properties of the mushrooms. That’s not science – that’s marketing.

Choosing Mushroom Supplements

Get Educated

If you were buying a car, you look into every detail. You want the best safety systems, features, and add-ons you can find. Why not take the same approach with your supplements? Consumers are often woefully unaware what is in the products they are buying and consuming. At Mushroom Wisdom, we want to change that.

Fruiting Body Mushroom Products or Mycelium?

The ideal product can tell you every detail about how it is produced, what it contains, and how much, including:

  • What is actually in your supplement?
  • How much of the elements you are looking for are in the supplement?
  • Is it really a beta glucan or not?
  • What kind of lipids?
  • Was it extracted with hot water or alcohol?
  • Is it just ground mushroom powder?
  • Is it priced fairly? If it is just ground mushroom powder, what are you paying for?
  • Does your supplement company provide any answers to these questions, or is it all hype?

30+ Years of Experience

We have spent decades researching our products. We know the beneficial properties, and how to extract and concentrate specific ingredients. Our approach is so different that we hold many patents for our work. We have been studying mushrooms since 1991, and have specialized, patented processes. Choose a company that is science-based and backed by decades of research.

70,000 tons Mushroom Production per Year. 30+ Researchers

MUSHROOM WISDOM is a group company of Hokuto Corporation which has devoted over a half a century to researching the health benefits of mushrooms in Japan. It is the largest mushroom company in the country, with more than 1,000 employees, and producing more than 70,000 tons of mushrooms yearly, in over 30 mushroom growing facilities. At the Hokuto Institute in Japan, more than 30 researchers are focused on researching mushroom products, developing new products, and they have authored many published scientific papers.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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