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We are scientist engaged in 144+ mushroom research papers

For example, a beneficial ingredient of Lion’s Mane is “Hericenone.” Please check Wikipedia of Lion’s Mane or Google it. You will see it there. We were involved in this study and research. Now, we are the only one who can extract and label this specific ingredient. Other companies only use powder or mere extract that is not clear if it really contains “Hericenone.”

Extract meaningful ingredients of research papers OUT FROM regular extract

“Hericenone”, “Amyloban”, “Maitake D Fraction”, “Maitake SX Fraction”. Please google these beneficial ingredients. You will be amazed. They are the exact beneficial ingredients in research papers. We extract and label them while others CANNOT. We extract the specific extract OUT OF regular extract which are in research papers. Our extract is not a mere extract.

No trick by mycelium. We use Fruiting body.

At Mushroom Wisdom, we base our processes on extensive research into the fruiting body. Is the benefit you want supported by a mycelium study or a fruiting body study? Does the supplement manufacturer make the difference clear to you, as a consumer?

30+ Years of Experience

We have spent decades researching our products. We know the beneficial properties, and how to extract and concentrate specific ingredients. Our approach is so different that we hold many patents for our work. We have been studying mushrooms since 1991, and have specialized, patented processes.

Fruit body "EXTRACT". Not mere mushroom powder

The FDA restricts supplement manufacturers from selling mycelium grown in acceptable media for food use to be listed as containing mushrooms. To get around this restriction, many supplement producers simply mix ground mushroom into a myceliated grain products. How much benefit is actually found in these products? You deserve to know.

We have been working with other Scientists

Georgetown University, New York Medical College, Indiana University School of Medicine, Tufts University, Shizuoka University (Japan), KURUME University of Medicine (Japan), Chiba University Center for Forensic Mental Health (Japan), Osaka Prefecture University (Japan)…

70,000 tons Mushroom Production per Year, 30+Researchers

MUSHROOM WISDOM is a group company of Hokuto Corporation which has devoted over a half a century to researching the health benefits of mushrooms in Japan. It is the largest mushroom company in the country, with more than 1,000 employees, and producing more than 70,000 tons of mushrooms yearly, in over 30 mushroom growing facilities.


Mushroom Wisdom

Founded in 1991, Mushroom Wisdom has flourished into a global leader in the development, production and research of mushroom supplements. Starting with what was previously a not well-known mushroom in the West, namely Maitake, we have grown into a line of different mushroom products including 11 different mushrooms, three unique research-grounded proprietary extracts, and even a topical moisturizing skin cream.

The selection of the word “wisdom” in the company’s name was not an accident, Mushroom Wisdom has been and continues to be fully committed and a leader in the use of mushrooms to support and promote our health and well-being.* We have sponsored scientific research in cooperation with prominent universities and medical centers.

The motto “Science Complementing Ancient Wisdom” encapsulates Mushroom Wisdom’s commitment to honoring tradition while uniting it with modern science and research. With this in mind, we welcome you to explore the wonderful world of Mushroom Wisdom.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Our suggested directions are on a label of each product. We do not have particular directions on the best time of the day to take our products. It is a personal preference because everyone is unique in how they react to each supplement. It can be taken with food. For further guidance, please consult your healthcare physician.

Our mushroom ingredients have been extracted with hot water and/or alcohol. Therefore, hot water and heat under life environment will not affect the quality of our products.

We recommend take our products daily. Daily supplement usage will support long-term benefits. For further guidance, please consult your healthcare physician.

We do not have particular directions on the best time of the day to take our products. You can take our products any time during the day. It is a personal preference because everyone is unique in how they react to each supplement. It can be taken with food. For further guidance, please consult your health care physician.

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