MATCHA Maitake D-Fraction® Extract


  • Made with Premium Matcha
  • Contains Maitake D-Fraction® Extract
  • Kosher

Unsweetened Drink Mix

For centuries, functional mushrooms have been used for their innumerable health benefits. Over 30 years we’ve been passionate about connecting people to the power of functional mushrooms. Enjoy the perfectly balanced taste of mushroom extract and authentic matcha . Take a sip and elevate your wellness routine.

☞Made with Premium Matcha
☞Contains Maitake D-Fraction® Extract
☞Manufactured in a certified cGMP facility
☞CONTAINS NO Dairy, Gluten

Maitake D-Fraction®

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How to Prepare


Add one packet of matcha powder to a cup.

Mix about 8 oz. of cold or hot water and stir well to dissolve.

Make it your own with your original recipe!

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